We love our highly-qualified staff at Pine Cone Therapies!


Our awesome ABA and speech therapy team!


Mariah obtained her undergraduate degree in communication disorders at LSU and got a job working at a foundation that specialized in teaching children with special needs. After graduating and moving back home to Texas, she couldn’t decide if she wanted to go the speech or behavior route.

Once she joined the Pine Cone Therapies team as a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT), and began interacting with all different types of clients, she made the decision that she wanted to make a career in helping clients communicate and become more independent by making changes in their behaviors.

“This career can be challenging but it is one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in my life. “

Christa is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who joined Pine Cone Therapies in September of 2019. Her love for assisting special needs children and their families began in the California school system and as a military spouse, she has had the privilege of serving families both across the U.S. and abroad. She received her Bachelor’s in Psychology from Park University and her Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) from Ball State University.

Christa has enjoyed working with a variety of age groups but, her true passion lies in early intervention. Using methods such as Naturalistic Teaching, Discrete Trail Training, and Pivotal Response Training she individualizes her behavior plan to ensure each child is given the specific tools needed to thrive. She can often be heard saying to her team, “We have the best job!” and she absolutely believes it!

Jasmine received her master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis with an emphasis in Autism Spectrum Disorders. She has been in the ABA field since 2012 and has served a diverse range of clients across the lifespan, as well as across multiple settings i.e. clinics, in-home, dayhab, and preschools. Her specialty is in early intervention with toddlers as well as program development for preschool aged children. Jasmine strongly believes this is her calling in life and absolutely loves working with children!


Sandy James has more than 7 years of experience working with children with autism spectrum disorders and helping their parents to learn skills for use in the home and community. Sandy earned her Master of Education degree from Texas A&M University and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) after years of hands-on experience and continuing education. Sandy develops therapeutic programs for children and their parents, supervises and trains Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT’s), and evaluates therapist effectiveness and client progress with the singular focus of enhancing the quality of life for challenged children and their families. She loves working with children and finds every day rewarding!

Victoria Ladron De Guevara is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and a valued member of our team!

Our SLP Serving Dallas/Ft Worth

Elizabeth McClendon discovered her passion for serving children (and their families) when she volunteered at, and eventually worked at, UCLA’s model treatment program for 2-6 year old children with autism and related developmental disabilities, in 2010. It was there that she realized the magic that comes when a child learns to communicate in a way that their adults can understand. In 2012, she moved to Seattle to pursue that magic by obtaining her graduate degree in Speech and Language Pathology from the University of Washington. After achieving her Certificate of Clinical Competence, she has practiced in several settings and states, including public schools in WA and TX, a private music-therapy setting in SC, and a private OT/SLP/ABA therapy center in Central TX. Elizabeth truly believes that everyone deserves a voice, no matter what that looks like, and that all behavior is communication, it’s up to us to bridge the gap to understanding. She is a valued member of our team!


Sarah Pencak has almost 10 years of experience assisting with children with autism spectrum disorders and developmental delays. She is originally from Kentucky and has now lived in Texas for over 12 years. She first obtained her License in Professional Counseling and then achieved the Board Certified Behavior Analyst credential through coursework at Florida Institute of Technology.

She has aided in developing social skills curriculum for clients, as well as developed curriculum towards training newly credentialed registered behavior technicians. “I am very passionate about aiding in making a difference in the lives of children and their families.”

Remy Elias is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). She received her Master of Arts in Psychology from the American University of Beirut in 2016. She later attended Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) where she completed her Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) courses.

Remy’s experience in the science of ABA dates back to 2012 while she completing her graduate studies. Since then, Remy has treated clients ranging from toddlers to teenagers with autism and other developmental disorders in a variety of settings such as homes, schools, day cares, and clinics. While working towards her BCBA, Remy also worked as a Wellness Outreach Officer at the American University of Beirut as a strong advocate for wellbeing and mental health of students. Remy joined PCT in 2019, after moving from Lebanon to the United States.

Remy is passionate about helping children reach their utmost potential by implementing ABA techniques. Through parent trainings, she works closely with families to support and promote the growth for their children.

Cynthia Pham is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and a valued member of our team!

Our SLP Serving Houston

April has been practicing speech therapy since 2013. She was born and raised in Beaumont, TX. Before earning her Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC), April was a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant. April is most proud of her extensive experience working in various settings that relate to the area of speech-language pathology such as home health, public schools, and private therapy centers. A few of April’s professional skills include data analysis, strategic planning skills, and evidenced-based practices. April uses her broad range of skills to diagnose, develop treatment, as well as conduct therapy for speech, language and communication disorders.

Pine Cone Prep Academy – Missouri City

Dr.  Malachi truly believes that children are our future and that they must be educated, loved, nurtured, cultivated and encouraged to achieve their dreams.   She is a graduate of the University of Texas in Austin and graduated with honors in English and went on to pursue her M.A. in Organizational Development and finally her Doctorate in Management from Colorado Technical University.   Thus, she has had the privilege of working with students in various capacities for over 16 years in Katy ISD and CyFair ISD.   Moreover, her love of educating students has allowed her to instruct, teach and grow the minds of students abroad while working in the United Arab Emirates and China.   Dr. Malachi is a lifelong learner who loves traveling the globe and exploring diverse countries and cultures with her family.  So far, they have been to 22 countries and counting.    One of her favorite quotes is by Zig Ziglar which says, “If you are not willing to learn no one can help you, if you are determined to learn no one can stop you.”

Tracey Cook has been part of the Pine Cone Family since August 2018. During her tenure she has served as Office Administrator and Credentialing Specialist. Currently she has assumed the role of Administrative Coordinator for the Pine Cone Prep Academy.  Tracey brings enthusiasm, professionalism and a standard of excellence that has positively impacted our Pine Cone staff, clients, and families.


Joseph Bolden, Executive Director

Joseph joined Pine Cone Therapies in February 2021, having most recently served as the Multi-Site Operations Manager for another company. In this role, Joseph spearheaded and successfully developed multi-million-dollar behavioral start-up sites from inception. With a dual major in leadership and management at LeTourneau University, Joseph brings over 10 years in operational sales experience, and 5 years in the healthcare industry. Joseph has a passion for leadership development, operational excellence, and seeing children grow and reach their full potential.

Outside of work, Joseph enjoys public speaking, visiting elementary and middle schools around the Houston area to talk about the importance of reading, writing, and success. He also leads a youth program, mentoring young men on promoting relationships, education, and long-term goal accomplishments.