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Remy Elias Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Remy Elias Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Remy Elias

Remy Elias is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). She received her Master of Arts in Psychology from the American University of Beirut in 2016. She later attended Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) where she completed her Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) courses.

Remy’s experience in the science of ABA dates back to 2012 while she completing her graduate studies. Since then, Remy has treated clients ranging from toddlers to teenagers with autism and other developmental disorders in a variety of settings such as homes, schools, day cares, and clinics. While working towards her BCBA, Remy also worked as a Wellness Outreach Officer at the American University of Beirut as a strong advocate for wellbeing and mental health of students. Remy joined PCT in 2019, after moving from Lebanon to the United States.

Remy is passionate about helping children reach their utmost potential by implementing ABA techniques. Through parent trainings, she works closely with families to support and promote the growth for their children.